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With a committed base of volunteers, and a reliance on small-dollar donations, we’re working to unseat one of the most unashamedly corporate-funded Democrats in the House. Yes, he takes big donations from all the worst industries: Weapons manufacturers, big pharma, big development, private insurance, big retail, and so on.


In contrast, our platform includes every single social reformist position that jumpstarted this progressive political movement in 2016!

On November 3rd, the choice will be clear in California's 29th Congressional District. Do we want a new, young, female, working-class, progressive champion? Or, do we want to keep the standard, corporately funded, self-dealing political-insider?

In the end, this is not just about our campaign, but the entire political revolution that's occurring in every single congressional district across this nation.


When I hold office, rest assured that you will have an ally who adheres and listens to the grassroots, the streets, the people putting their bodies on the line to change society for the better. A society, for example, that doesn’t require infuriated folks demanding justice in the streets every time a cop murders one of our own.

2020 must be the year we, as a country, decided to go down the path of humanism, equity, peace, and salvation.


The opportunity is before us; I hope we can seize it together.

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