Okay, great! Angelica Dueñas is running a progressive  campaign in California’s 29th congressional district. Being that this is a people-powered campaign, she’s running on a policy platform that puts people first: It includes Healthcare for all, a Green New Deal, Affordable Housing for all, legal system reform, and Peaceful foreign policy.  


And, that’s just for starters. The reason why I’m a part of this campaign is because it has become very clear that our politics, who represents us, and the decisions made in Washington D.C., are directly linked to our livelihoods. We are in the fight for our lives in this historic moment, and electing a progressive politician like Angelica Dueñas will take us one step closer to building a more just, equitable country.    


Being that Angelica Dueñas is the progressive on the ticket facing the corporately funded incumbent, can we count on you to vote for her on November 3rd?